While talking about heels, there is almost no women who can resist the look of the high heels. Its obvious, that we all love to look tall and for all the cutie shorties out there, its like a cherry on the top.  But in between there is always a constant love-hate relationship that goes on with our beloved pair of heels. High heels gives us that add on height, makes our legs look longer and enhance the overall look. No doubt it makes us look gorgeous, but in the other side of our head, there is a constant fear of shoe bites and feet pain. We the women are so strong that we should back pat ourselves quite often for carrying such pain with a big smile. We have so naturally adapted and acquainted ourselves with the consequences, isn't it so wonderful!  As the saying goes, "No pain no gain".  
We love to keep our standards high as like our high heels.  Its beautiful, empowering, sophisticated and sexy. Undoubtedly, it's the shows topper of the overall look. For an instance, your wearing a beautiful dress but if your footwear is not complimenting  your gorgeous outfit then its pointless. So, choose your footwear wisely.

" I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot". -- Marilyn Monroe

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