The very first words that hits directly right after spelling Summer are vibrantness, bright and cheerful. Excuse me, who will doesn't love being in the spotlight and shine all day, right? We all love some amount of attention and ofcourse, being praised. Dear gals, let's jump out of our comfort zone may be not fully but yes, a bit to try different colours, styles that we never have given a thought to try. Yes,as the saying goes " Black is new Orange". You know what, vibrant colours makes your selfies or insta worthy pictures awesomely amazing. Many of us we play the safe card and stick with our safer colours. No more hiding in greys and blacks. See, it is time to shine, one life so just play along. It is now or never, yes, you read it with colours , it is fun. Smart dressing with good colours always enrich and enlighten once whole mood. Without a further do, let's check out some summer colours and summer dresses.








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