Let's hit it up with Hello and warm Hi to our Monday's and break the blues. We promise you that at the end of this blog your Monday's will not be the same anymore. Right after the happening Sunday night, we fall into the Monday blues fever. Life seems end with all those boring daily schedules, meetings, blah blah blah.I know you can relate to it, we are in the same page of the book, sigh!But, but, but.... girl have you ever realized that its all in our head. Its up to us how we treat our days. So just get up and let's break the stereotype and change our Monday's to one of like Saturday or Sunday. See, the mantra to a great days are the small small stuffs. Clothes can be one of those stuffs to make you feel great all day.Lets make our every Monday a fashionable one with the following styles to give you that extra zing in the air.
Full Sleeve Polka Dot Chiffon Dress, this beauty will just pump up your regular boring day to one of those pretty Monday.

Blue Vertical Stripe Shirt dress, start the week on a easy breezy vibe with this casual shirt dress. This striped shirt dress is the perfect Spring addition to your wardrobe. Just add with some cool funky sneakers and you are on for the day!

White on white, Go the extra mile by styling this piece and beat the blues in style.

Double Layered Cami Top, when life gives you Mondays, smash it up with some bright and vibrant pop up colour.

Floral midi dress,Power packed Mondays need all the motivation that keeps you on top of your game. Kickstart the day, with this beautiful floral dress to keep yourself up all day.

Chic twill Trousers, free and loose trousers are always comfortable and fun to style. It gives the look of both chic with some amount of formal touch.

With these cool wardrobe hijack, Monday will never be boring and lazy. Have fun guys, everyday can be an awesome day. It's all on you how you decide to treat your days. Following with a tip, "Be little fashionable, everything will fall in place".

Bonne journée

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